I.C. CAPTURED strives to provide you with photographs that stand testimony to that special moment in your life. We deliver photographs that are truly timeless, by not only capturing that fleeting moment in time, but also its very essence.


You made the investment by booking us to capture your special day and now you're thrilled with all the images that you have received on your USB. What's next? Store away the USB in a safe place only to revisit it years from now? Of course not!

Photographs are not just meant to be appreciated on a computer screen. Reap the full benefit of your photos by selecting your favourites to be professionally printed in an album designed by I.C. CAPTURED. 

Key Features:

- Made in Italy 

- Designed by I.C. CAPTURED

- Custom built to suit your individual needs 

- A range of available Sizes, Colours, Paper Types, Linings and Custom Embellishments

- Lay-flat Style, perfect for displaying panoramic images  

- Presented in a stylish box to protect your album 


Sample LAYOUT Designs by I.C. CAPTURED

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